AJ Barse

AJ Barse
Instructional Technologist: Western Washington University
AJ Barse is a part of Western Washington University’s ATUS department as an Instructional Technologist. He is a two-time graduate of Western’s Woodring College of Education for his bachelor’s degree with cum laude honors in elementary education, and for his master’s degree in adult education during which he was first published in the field of digital learning. Prior to his career with Western, he was the Communication Director for the Lummi Nation, including editor-at-large of the Squol Quol newspaper. He was also an instructor at Northwest Indian College in Digital Media and Web Technologies when the program was active. His combined experience lends him over 15 years of knowledge and expertise in the fields of digital arts as he freelances his media and photography skills throughout the Pacific Northwest, while adventuring across all time and relative dimensions in space.


Kevin Dixey

Kevin Dixey
Instructional Technologist: Western Washington University
I’ve managed to do enough stupid things to make my life interesting but not enough to feel like I’m done yet. I’ve spent most of my time working with technology as a designer, photographer, developer and finally a creative director. I’ve spent the past decade as an educator/instructional technologist focusing on creating learning environments that allow people the greatest opportunity to succeed. I have a B.A. in Theatre so I can be more interesting than boring subject matter and an M.Ed. in Environmental Education so I can speak with conviction to people that think I’m an idiot. I believe education is the single greatest tool for improving any system, and will return dividends far in excess of the cost. There is nothing better than the look in a student’s eyes when they suddenly understand something that was baffling moments before. Despite my love of technology I believe the pivotal moment in human history was when our earliest ancestors stood up in the tall grass and understood that they were stronger together than apart.

I share a house with my wife of thirty years and with a son who wants to be the world’s first physicist/actor/adventurer

Web: and


Chris Powell

Chris Powell:
Chris is a graduate of the College of Business and Economics at WWU and is currently CBE’s Manager of IT. With over 18 years of service at Western, he has been part of the University’s technology evolution from Windows 95 to Windows 10, OSX Yosemite, and everything in between. He is a technology essentialist, an ambivert, and the king of all ‘80s TV trivia.

Twitter: @mnmltek


Madison Miner
Technology Start-up: WompMobile
Madison Miner is a software engineer, entrepreneur, as well as the founder and CEO of WompMobile.  WompMobile uses a unique platform for creating mobile experiences that engage, entertain and compel.  Each day millions of users visit websites created with WompMobile. Madison is a 2002 graduate of Western with an MIS/CS Bachelor’s degree. Come hear from Madison at 11:40 and 12:20 at Western’s Tech Tonic Expo, Tuesday, April 14, 2015.


Carl Symons

Carl Symons
Community-developed technology makes it possible to implement ambitious make-a-difference projects without major funding. How is this possible when large companies seem to control almost all tech? Your ideas, imagination, efforts and collaboration can be the main ingredients for taking control of your technology. This presentation offers insight about a kind of technology that has become a dominant force, but that is still hidden from view for most people.

Carl has started tech companies and arranged funding for them. He has been part of organizing teams of major tech conferences and is a non-technical contributor to one of the largest and most successful open technology communities in the world.




Shawn Kemp
Technology Start-up: ActionSprout
An innovation junky and mentor/investor in early stage companies, Shawn has used his Industrial Design degree from Western to help craft digital experiences for Xbox, Windows, and other Microsoft products. Shawn is now co-founder of ActionSprout, a VC funded startup that is leading the way in tapping the power of Facebook for causes and mission driven organizations. Come hear from Shawn at 12 noon at Western’s Tech Tonic Expo, Tuesday, April 14, 2015.




Thayne Yazzie
Starting a Non-Profit Media Organization
An accomplished artist and songwriter, Thayne Yazzie founded the OLIO Media Group, a non-profit multimedia production team that hosts shows and performances in Bellingham. Thayne will soon complete his BA degree from Western in multimedia production and design. Come hear from Thayne at 1:00 and 1:40 at Western’s Tech Tonic Expo, Tuesday, April 14, 2015.



Andrea Frost
Kickstarting CodeLily
With a degree in German Language and Literature from Western, Andrea has led a number of efforts to diversify the STEM fields. A co-founder of CodeLilly, she is currently preparing the idea for Kickstarter funding. Andrea is also working on her MS in Computer Science at Western. Come hear from Andrea and Kyle Rader at xx:xx xx at Western’s Tech Tonic Expo, Tuesday, April 14, 2015.




Kyle Rader
Kickstarting CodeLily
A graduate of Western’s Computer Science program, Kyle is an entrepreneur involved in a number of technology start-ups here in Bellingham. Kyle is preparing a Kickstarter campaign for CodeLilly, a coding education studio. Kyle is also working on his MS in Computer Science at Western. Come hear from Kyle and Andrea Frost at xx:xx xx at Western’s Tech Tonic Expo, Tuesday, April 14, 2015.




Kelly Lyon
Kickstarting CodeLily
A young entrepreneur and soon to be college graduate from the Mathematics department here at WWU, Kelly Lyon is working to make STEM fields more accessible for underrepresented people. While on the leadership team of the Association for Women in Computing (AWC) club at WWU and teaching AP Computer Science at
Sehome High School, Kelly has worked hard to help others succeed in computer science. This CodeLily Co-Founder is growing a business while developing others’ skills to help them be their best selves. Come hear from Kelly, Andrea, and Kyle at 11:40 am at Western’s Tech Tonic Expo, Tuesday, April 14, 2015



Gabe Gosset
Librarian for Extended Education, Human Services, and International Studies | Research Consultation Head
Gabe is a librarian at Western. He tends to work with the off campus programs, among other things. His favorite part about being a librarian is that he gets to research and learn about many topics but doesn’t have to write long papers.



J’Neil Cottle
J’Neil is a physics and computer science student here at Western. Her interest in both how the universe works and how computers solve problems has introduced her to the field of computational astronomy. She is currently working on undergraduate research in astronomy where Python is a pivotal tool. Having only scratched the surface of what Python has to offer, she is excited about the capabilities of the language.



Mary Elliott Keane
Pediatric Occupational Therapist turned entrepreneur. Founder and Program director at The Foundry; Bellingham’s first makerspace. The Foundry is a member driven community skill sharing hub providing access to the high tech tools required to make nearly anything (3D printers, large laser cutter, wood shop, electronics). The Foundry teaches how to use these tools to bring your ideas to life. Maker, Educator, Eclectic geek, Community builder.



Jayce Brewer
Jayce Brewer is a current 1st year student at Western Washington University, who plans to major in computer science. He is currently working for the CBE ISTS department under the supervision of Chris Powell. He is excited for the future of technology and hopes to one day create or work on something that pushes the boundaries mankind currently knows.


chris scott

Christopher Scott
Chris is a Senior here at Western, finishing up his last quarter in Vehicle Engineering. As an employee of the Student Technology Center for the last 5 years, Chris has crafted many skills and worked with numerous clients on a myriad of projects. With these skills, Chris has been able to create his own clientele for a personal  freelancing business.  He specializes in the Adobe Creative Suite along with WordPress site design. 


Sean Stockburger
Help Desk Manager: Western Washington University
As the Help Desk Manager for ATUS, one of my goals is to help people get the most out of their technology with the least amount of frustration.  I graduated from the University of Missouri in St. Louis with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication in 1997: a time when technology was beginning to dramatically change mass media as well as the tools we use for personal communication. My career in Information Technology began with a job providing technical support, software training and documentation. After that I spent eight years managing the Help Desk at American University in Washington, DC. In 2007 my wife and I decided to move to Bellingham and start a family. I worked for the City of Bellingham until I joined Western in 2012.


Jennifer Dixey
Librarian at Large
I earned my Master’s of Library and Information Studies from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. My 10+ years’ experience in web and interactive media development for corporate, non-profit and education clients has provided me with a deep background that informs all of my work. I am currently working remotely as a full time Instructional Technologist for a nationally respected, grant-funded online healthcare education project, the ATTC Network, located at the UMKC School of Nursing and Health Sciences. I was formerly Collection Support & Digital Initiatives Manager for Whatcom County Library System and a Web Systems Analyst for Western Washington University. I co-founded the Bellingham Drupal Users Group in 2010.

Specialties: Creative technology solutions, network systems management, learning management systems, Drupal, WordPress. I have been developing Web sites since 1996, and developing with Drupal since 2009. I am currently a Moodle system administrator; I was a Blackboard system administrator from 2010-2012 and a SirsiDynix Horizon system administrator from 2012-2013. I have been a systems librarian and technical services manager, and I am currently ramping up my mobile application development skills.

I live and work in Bellingham, Washington, near the Canadian border, and spend time in my second “home” of Vancouver, BC whenever possible.



Rhys Faler
Technology Start-up: CoinBeyond
Rhys Faler is one of three Co-Founders of CoinBeyond, a FinTech startup that is disrupting the mobile payments industry that is currently dominated by Square, Intuit, and PayPal. CoinBeyond’s groundbreaking approach is the usage of crytpocurrency technologies as a foundation for their solution, which provides them with many benefits over their competitors, such as significant cost savings for merchants and improved security for consumers. Come hear from Rhys at 11:20 and 12:00 at Western’s Tech Tonic Expo, Tuesday, April 14, 2015.