About Tech Tonic

The 8th annual Tech Tonic Tech Expo will be held on April 10, 2014
in the Library Reading Room of Wilson Library at Western Washington University
in Bellingham, WA.

Encourage your students to attend the sessions; in particular we will host two talks about the importance of having an online presence in order to be employable. Social media and mobile computing have forever changed the way we see and interact with the world. These simple, yet powerful tools connect us with friends, colleagues and collaborators. They allow us to expand ourselves in ways that that we never could have dreamed possible. We can teach a class where the students are half a world away or share an intimate moment with friends across town or across the globe. Of course sometimes a brave new world needs a guide to get us through it.

This year Tech Tonic will be about “getting yourself out there” and how best to use these new social-media tools and services. We will be hosting talks, tables and lightning rounds covering a wide variety of useful services and practices. Our lightning rounds will cover topics such as mobile and online alternatives to the common desktop applications, mobile tools for everything from paperless note taking to securely storing passwords and using social media to create your own digital portfolio. As always, admission is free and discussions are encouraged.

At the 10:00 – 11:00 morning session:
Mark StatonAssistant Professor of Marketing/College of Business & Economics
Career Networking Through Digital Marketing
“Digital Marketing and Social Media have made it never easier to find your dream career. Professor Staton will explain some simple steps to help you in the transition from student to professional.”

At the 2:00 – 3:00 afternoon session:
Adriana Manago – Assistant Professor Department of Psychology
Growing up with Social Media: New Challenges and Opportunities for Identity Development
“Social media provide young people with enhanced opportunities for self-development and the accumulation of social capital but may also promote anxiety and preoccupation with image management. Professor Manago discusses how young people can negotiate the landscapes of social media in productive ways to mobilize social resources and nurture a healthy sense of self.”

If you’re interested in presenting or having a table at Tech Tonic contact Kevin Dixey at 360.650.7225 or fill out our online registration form.


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A Web of Your Own…

program or be programmed. Publish original content to your own webspace. Control your own data. Learn to code. Get your hands on the controls of your online presence. Lightning talk – 1:45 p.m. at Table 2

Digital Badges

Digital Badges are ways of documenting, motivating and verifying performance toward a specified goal. Learners collect badges from a variety of sources, aggregate them in a “backpack” and display them in digital formats for prospective employers (as an example). In this lightning round, the components of a digital badge will be discussed, the supporting ecosystem and how … Continue reading

Facebook Fails

Come to this lightning round to laugh at examples of Facebook failures. In collecting various examples, I decided to organize them around Rules to Follow if you don’t want to be the next Facebook fail. Rule #1 is: “Don’t use Facebook to brag about your criminal activity.” Amazingly, a number of individuals have done just that. Some … Continue reading

Evernote for Students

Being a student comes with a lot to manage. Even just keeping your notes straight can be a challenge. Evernote is a great way to have all your notes in one place. It is a helpful tool for creating notes, and even supplementing them with links and pictures. Organization is a breeze as you create multiple … Continue reading

Google Docs

Keeping track of all your various files and documents can be difficult in a time where everything is becoming digital. We have to manage work computers, home computers and even smart phones that all have different information we may need to access. Google Docs is a great way to have all of your files in … Continue reading

Camera – Scanner – Phone?

Like many people one of the most used features of my smartphone is my camera. It’s great for snapping those little candids of the birthday party or the dog being cuter than they have any right to be but recently I have come to realize that the camera on my phone is a lot more … Continue reading

A Text Powerhouse

It’s not often that the words “full featured” and “text editor” come together to describe the same tool (let alone a mobile app) but that’s exactly what we have with Writing Kit by Anh Quang Do. This is a powerful writing tool that combines the elegance and simplicity of a terrific Markdown capable text editor with some really … Continue reading